Track your Gas digitally with the CH4 fart tracker

ch4 tracker

We spend a lot of time checking out cool tech, and there’s no shortage of musical light bulbs or solar powered doodads. The CH4 tracker falls into the health & fitness category, and it’s a device that may be worth a look if you have problems passing gas.

Farts may be funny for most of us, but flatulence can be a serious issue for some. The CH4 tracker will keep tabs on your gas, with the goal of keeping you away from foods that may upset your digestion. As you can see from the photos, it’s a small device that unsurprisingly clips onto your back pocket  – because that’s where the magic happens.

Sensors in the device will take in the gas and relay it to a smartphone app where it’s used alongside a food tracker. You enter the types of foods you consume in the app, and combined with the sensor it will tell you what to stay away from if you want to avoid flatulence. That said, the app will only be available at launch for iOS devices, with an Android version said to come sometime after.


The CH4 fart sensor is currently wrapping up its run on Kickstarter, and the mind behind the creation is looking for $180,000 to bring this to the masses. Unfortunately, there is about a week left in the campaign at the time of this writing and the amount raised is well short of the funds being asked for. If you’re interested in learning more about the CH4, hit up the link below.

CH4 gas tracker

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