Amazon rumored to pay customers to deliver packages


Amazon is always looking for inventive ways to get their packages out, and it wasn’t long ago they turned to drones. A new report suggests, they are going the way of Uber for their next concept dubbed Amazon On My Way.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon is developing a mobile app that would pay folks to drop off packages. The service is being called “On My Way” internally, and would work in a similar fashion to Uber and other services that crowdsource vehicles. Amazon would also use retail shops as hubs and pay a rental fee for storing their packages or possibly offer up a pay-per-package fee.

As great as the program might sound, there are several hurdles to overcome as you can imagine. Trust would be a major factor as you have to trust the person delivering your item will actually do that, and not just mark it as delivered. Amazon could remedy that to a degree although plenty of Amazon’s customers may not want strangers delivering their parcels. They do sell a little bit of everything…

The WSJ report doesn’t specify a release date for Amazon’s On My Way program, and there’s a chance it may stay in the concept phase. It also remains to be seen how Amazon would pay people delivering those packages as we have a feeling not everyone will want Amazon credit.

Wall Street Journal

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