Hot on Kickstarter: Peeple – Caller ID for your Door

peeple caller id door

Peepholes are something many of us have used at one time or another – especially if you live in an apartment. It’s one of the few pieces of home hardware that has largely remained unchanged over the years, but Peeple – Caller ID for your Door hopes to bring it into the technological age.

Opening your door without knowing who’s outside can be hazardous to your health these days. Peepholes and windows can certainly alleviate some of those fears, but Peeple – Caller ID for your Door is the next step if you own a smartphone and want to know who drops by while whether you are in or out.

Peeple consists of a small camera that attaches to your door over your peephole or onto a pane of glass. You simply need to sync the gadget up to your Wi-Fi network, download the Peeple app (Android or iOS), and you’re good to go. Whenever someone knocks, you will receive a notification and can open up the app to take a look at who’s knocking before you move from the couch. It will also keep a history of folks going in and out of your door and is easily removable in case the battery dies or you want to use the classic peephole.

peeple caller id for your door

The Peeple – Caller ID for your Door Kickstarter campaign is one of the cooler home related gadgets we’ve seen this year. Thankfully, others think so as well and the company has surpassed their funding goal with a couple of weeks still left on the clock. The Peeple is reasonably priced to boot at $149 a pop or $159 with an actual peephole if you don’t already have one installed for your Peeple. Several color options will be available, and the first units are scheduled to roll out in May of next year.

Peeple – Caller ID for your Door

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