LG G4 Pro rumored to arrive with Insane Specifications

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Earlier this year LG told the world that the LG G4 wouldn’t be its only high-end smartphone in 2015. Today we may have gotten our first look at the LG G4 Pro specs, but you’ll want to keep a salt shaker nearby as they may be too good to be true.

A lot of smartphone leaks show up on Weibo, a Chinese social media site, and it’s common to get see several legitimate leaks each month. A device dubbed the LG G4 Pro made an appearance on the site today, and if the specifications are true, it will absolutely stomp the new iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 5.

The LG G4 Pro is rumored to have a massive 5.8-inch panel with a QHD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440. As you’d expect, a Qualcomm chip will reside under the glass, but it won’t be the Snapdragon 810 or 808 every is turning to. The LG G4 Pro may have a Snapdragon 820, which will be backed up by 4GB of RAM. The latter is far more likely than the former…

In terms of storage, the LG G4 Pro will come with 32GB or 64GB of space, but there was no mention of a microSD card slot or any other flagship features. As for the cameras, the front-facing snapper is listed at 8MP while the back is said to have a massive 27MP sensor. Nothing was mentioned in regards to the design aside from the fact that it will feature an aluminum build.

The specs shown in the LG G4 Pro are possibly, but that processor and rear snapper are unlikely. The size would also be an odd choice, unless they just want to go a bit bigger than the Note and iPhone Plus line. Whatever specs the LG G4 Pro does have, we’ll find out something soon as the company is expected to unleash the device later this year.

via – Phonearena     source: Weibo

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