Minions Paradise Preview


At any given time, there are dozens of mobile games in the soft-launch phase. One of them is Minions Paradise, which is set to debut next month alongside the Minions movie. The flick may be a few weeks away, but we’ve already spent some time with Minions Paradise and we’re going to fill you in on what to expect when EA’s next big money maker is unleashed.minions-paradise-3

EA has had success with its city building games, and Minions Paradise is another one set in the universe spawned by Despicable Me. Before you groan at the thought of another money sucking sim, we’re pleased to say those Minions make the free-to-play aspect more bearable, and there’s plenty to their little Paradise.


Minions Paradise follows an unlucky minion named Phil who accidently ruins the Minions vacation. To set things right, Phil has to build a tropical paradise from scratch, while welcoming new Minions as they arrive on the shore. The gameplay is about what you’d expect in regards to the build and wait approach, but there are mini-games like Fishing Frenzy and lots of other goodies to keep you busy while you wait.

minions paradise

Speaking of waiting, the Minions do it better than anyone and are hilarious as they mill about the island. You can put them to work, but tapping on an idle one is always good for a giggle. The island is massive as well, with the main hub and several smaller islands with additional mini-games and features. Needless to say, it’s the type of game you’ll be able to play for years like Simpsons Tapped Out and Family Guy: A Quest for Stuff.


Minions Paradise is set to roll out sometime next month for mobiles, and when it arrives, EA will be rolling in dough — seriously. Things can always change before it launches, but from what we’ve seen so far gamers, parents, children, grandmothers, and people that hate building games will probably love this one. We’ll be back with more details on Minions Paradise when it’s released, until then enjoy the screenshots while we prepare for their global takeover next month.

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