MLB Home Run Derby 15 Review

home run derby 15

Baseball season is in full swing and there are plenty of good mobile-based baseball games to choose from. While we still don’t have a high-end mobile baseball game like the 2K series, we do have MLB Home Run Derby 15. It’s the best looking Home Run Derby game we’ve played this year, and after spending a week hitting the long ball, we’re back with our MLB Home Run Derby 15 review.

Baseball is one of the few sports titles that hasn’t really translated that well on mobiles, but MLB Home Run Derby 15 cuts out the fat. It’s a game about hitting homeruns, so you won’t have to deal with fielding, pitching or a freak injury. You will have to deal with in-app purchases and tickets though.

MLB Home Run Derby 15 consists of three modes with Single Player, Multiplayer, and Arcade Mode. Single Player pits you against the AI, while Multiplayer has you going against gamers from around the globe in a 10-way tournament. If you want something a bit different, Arcade Mode may be your cup of tea as it adds achievements, objectives, and targets.

The controls are simple in MLB Home Run Derby 15, and you’ll get two different setups to choose from. Both involving tapping, so it isn’t difficult to hit dingers… if it doesn’t lag. I ran the game on the Note 4 and had occasional lag, which is something you can’t have in home run derby. That said, it tested find on another older handset, so take that as you will.

MLB Home Run Derby 15 has plenty of official major leaguers in the game, so there is good chance your favorite superstar will be present. You get some premium currency to pick up your first star, but additional ones cost MLB Bucks, which can be earned or purchased with an IAP. As for the stadiums, the selection is limited to three, but you’ll only get one for free.

If ever there was a great example of a “freemium” game it’s MLB Home Run Derby 15. There is a lot to like about the game including the slick graphics and quick gameplay. It’s also a lot of fun if home run derby is your thing and it runs well on your handset of choice. The downfall comes with the IAP’s as it will take most folks ages to unlock numerous players in the game – unless they want spend some cash.

MLB Home Run Derby 15 is well worth a look if you dig baseball, just know what to expect going in. If you’re ready to test your skills at the plate, you can pick up MLB Home Run Derby 15 for free on Google Play.

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