Nest unveils the Nest Cam and Nest Aware

It was just a matter of time until Nest released a new gadget, and most of us assumed it would be a cam. Well, today is the day as the company has unveiled the Nest Cam and their new Nest Aware service.

When Nest picked up Dropcam for the staggering amount of $555 million, we knew something was in the pipeline or would be soon. Turns out that something is the new Nest Cam, and if you’re familiar with the Dropcam Pro, you’ll be right at home with Nest’s new camera.

The Nest Cam is a revamped version of the Dropcam Pro, and it can take 1080p video from a 130-degree field of view. You can check on your abode while you are away, and the built-in microphone allows you to listen in as well. Throw in Night Vision, a magnet that makes it easier to hang, and a bit of new branding and you’ve just met the Nest Cam.

Nest Aware is a new service from Nest that will work in conjunction with their new cam. The cloud-based subscription service offers up plenty of features including the ability to set “Activity Zones” and save or share recorded clips. You can also check your video history if you get curious as the service stores 30 days of video in the cloud.

Nest hasn’t announced pricing for Nest Aware yet, but the Nest Cam is almost ready to roll as it’s listed at $199.99 through Best Buy and available for pre-order today.

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