New PlayStation 4 with 1TB of storage launching next month

Sony PlayStation 4 1TB

Storage space. Depending on your gadget, it’s something you’ll probably have to deal with eventually. Well, not with the new PlayStation 4 as Sony has just announced a new 1TB model of the PlayStation 4 for the masses.

The Digital Age is upon us, and it’s not so great if you don’t enjoy having all your media in the cloud. PlayStation 4 owners have found this out the hard way, as game sizes have grown, and an Indie from the PS Store can go for 4-5 Gigs these days. A top-tier title…. Well, you could be looking at 60gigs or more. When you factor in the constant updates and huge release day patches, space can certainly become an issue.

Sony feels your pain, and today they announced a 1TB version of the PlayStation 4 to fill your needs. That’s double the space most of us have, and it ensures you won’t run out of storage easily unless you download every game released. If you can afford to do that, you’ll probably have 1TB PlayStation 4’s in more than one room so no worries there.

As for the system itself, there’s nothing special about the new model aside from the big HD. It is dubbed, the “Ultimate Player” edition, but looks just like the regular version. The console has been announced for Europe and PAL territories, but an announcement for North America should come at any time. Sony still hasn’t slapped a price on the new PlayStation 4, but it will be ready to roll on July 15th in the UK.


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