Oculus Rift release date set for Q1 of 2016


The folks at Oculus are putting on a big show today for the Oculus Rift VR headset, and a lot of lingering questions have been answered. One of the most important was the Oculus Rift release date, and while they didn’t nail it down, they finally gave us a concrete time frame.

The Oculus Rift release date has been something up for debate, and at one point, many thought the consumer version might evaporate. Since it was announced, VR has actually gained ground instead of losing it even though nobody has produced a full VR retail setup just yet. Oculus may still be the first to do so as they’ve said to expect the consumer friendly version of the Rift in Q1 of next year.

In addition the Q1 announcement, Oculus unveiled several upcoming games including the intense looking Edge of Nowhere from Insomniac Games. EVE Valkyrie and several others were shown off as well, so there will be plenty of “true” VR games at launch. Gamers will be pleased to know the Rift will allow streaming Xbox One games through an Oculus Theater of sorts, and it will even rollout with an Xbox One controller. Needless to say, Microsoft is onboard for the Rift, but if you don’t dig the controller, you’ll have the Oculus Touch controller.

Oculus dropped a wealth of information today, and we’re still sifting through it as their conference rolls on. If they decide to give us a specific Oculus Rift release date, we’ll be back with an update otherwise you can expect it between January and March.

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