Pickle Aims To Help Londoners Out With A Helping Hand

pickle task service screenshot

Plenty of people are short on time at the moment. Every time I go on holiday to Europe, I return home aiming to bring back some of the relaxed laissez-faire attitude to work; to approach things with a more balanced view.

But within a week or two I’m back in the same routine, working late and trying to get everything done in a day that contains slightly too few hours with which to achieve them.

Cue Pickle, the service (App) that aims to help you out with the things you’ve left to the last minute, or simply know you won’t be able to get done but that need doing.

What is it?

Pickle is a peer-to-peer app that connects people who need something done (NEEDs), with those available to do it (DOs). You can post a request for anything from cutting your grass, to singing lessons. Anything that’s legal! The price is a bidding system, so DOs will bid a price to complete the task, the most competitive being awarded the job.

The App is free to download, and Pickle is funded by taking 10% commission from each user on every job completed.

To celebrate the launch, Pickle is offering Londoners with a NEED the opportunity to win a person that can DO for one whole day, every day for a month following launch.*

This special launch promotion can help 30 lucky users in the capital to get all those jobs done that they don’t have the time, inclination or skill to do (buying in plants for the garden, stocking up on coal for the BBQ, making cocktails for a birthday party, emptying out the cupboard under the stairs…), clearing the ‘to do’ list for a stress-free summer.

Security is handled via an innovative ‘brief my buddy’ feature, Pickle allows NEEDs and DOs alike to inform pre-nominated personal contacts of the peer profiles, timings, locations and details of each job carried out, at the tap of a button. There is also a rating system (similar to eBay) so you can see other users experiences with a requester or provider.

Creator and Founder, Daneh Westropp, said of the launch:

As a busy working mum, I often found myself needing a hand with jobs I didn’t know how to do or didn’t have the time to do. Equally, as a freelancer, I understand the benefits an app such as Pickle can provide in terms of finding opportunities to further or supplement a career or income.

Pickle is launching initially with a London focus (as that’s where the 1,500 strong – and growing – community of Pickle DOs are currently based), but Pickle aims to be a global service planning to expand beyond the UK within two years.

Its an interesting idea, and provides the same model as TaskRabbit in the USA which has proved successfull so far, expanding its services across 19 major cities and famously used to get someone to stand in line on behalf of someone else for a new iPhone release!

Services like this are inherently tied by the number of jobs on offer, and the number of people willing to do them. Creating momentum for both sides of the equation at the same time is key.

>> For your chance to win a ‘DO’ for a day, simply download the Pickle iPhone or Android app, register and follow instructions to enter the draw.

This post was written by Rob Gordon, an IT geek, gadget lover and blogger. Rob has been using the internets since 1994 when the only streaming video was that coffee pot in Cambridge (rip).... Follow Rob on Twitter - @robgordon - about.me/robgordonuk