Samsung Mirrored and Transparent Displays are announced


Samsung is one of the leaders when it comes to display technology, and today they unveiled something a little wild in Hong Kong. Samsung Mirror displays and Transparent displays were shown off to the world, and it’s something we could see in consumer products in the near future.

The Retail Asia Expo is going strong today, and Samsung brought along an OLED mirrored display that makes use of Intel’s Real Sense technology. The panel was shown as a way to allow customers to check out merchandise before trying them on which gives them a virtual fitting room of sorts. Retailers would obviously flock to this kind of tech, but the Samsung Mirror Display may be produced for home use as well as a digital version of a traditional mirror.

If having cameras constantly trained on your face behind a mirror isn’t your cup of tea, you may be more impressed by the Samsung Transparent Display. The OLED display will be aimed at advertisers and is said to have a higher color gamut along with better clarity and a higher transparency level than transparent LCD displays that are currently available. It will also use the Real Sense tech complete with gesture and voice control.


We have seen futuristic tech like transparent displays and high-tech mirrored panels on the silver screen for years. Both of Samsung’s new panels would be wild to see in public and could definitely pull in consumers on the “cool” factor alone. That said, with privacy concerns being what they are these days, you can be some folks will have issues with mirrors that record and customer data/profiles flying around through the air.


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