The Blocks Modular Smartwatch is coming to Kickstarter this Summer

blocks modular smartwatch

It’s been relatively quiet on the Project Ara front lately, but plenty of other gadgets are going the modular route. One of them is known as the Blocks Modular Smartwatch, and it’s an interesting approach to wearables.

Blocks Wearables announced a new smartwatch this week ahead of a funding push set for later this summer. The watch is modular in a similar fashion to Project Ara, but in a different way as the main casing functions as the brain. The guts of the watch will include a Snapdragon 400, the same chip found in several smartwatches. It will act as a hub, and the modular components come into play with the band.

Consumers will be able to pick and choose the modules they want for the band, which allows folks to customize their wearable every time they go out. If you’re going on a jog, you could pop a heart rate monitor on the band or add cellular module if you want to leave your smartphone at home. Each strap is said to handle around five modules, and the Blocks Module Smartwatch will run a version of Android, but not Android Wear.

The company plans to get popular apps on board for their forked version of Lollipop, but access to the Play Store and all those cool watch faces will be missing. While it may turn some folks off, it will likely draw more in as it allows them to make the Modular Smartwatch compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Blocks isn’t ready for primetime, but a Kickstarter campaign is forthcoming and they’ve Qualcomm and others on board as well. Barring any setbacks, the company plans to ship the first batch of Blocks Modular Smartwatches within eight months after the end of the campaign. We’ll keep you in the loop on the Blocks wearable once their campaign kicks off, until then you can check out the video below.


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