The Ripple Maker delivers content to your Cappuccino

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Coffee. Some of us can’t get going without the stuff, and you can pick up a cup of mud at a variety of places day or night. What if your cappuccino could greet you with a friendly message or an image of your face in the cup? That’s the idea behind the Ripple Machine, an upcoming gadget from Steam CC.

The Ripple Machine uses the magic of 3D printing combined with Ink-Jet tech and good old fashion foam. Not just any foam mind you, but the kind that you find in cappuccinos or lattes. The machine can “ripple” a design into your coffee, and it does it with 100% natural coffee extract in under 10 seconds.


Wi-Fi also plays a part in the Ripple Machine’s design, as there’s an official Ripple app that will work alongside the machine. The app allows users to peruse a library with images and messages premade for the Ripple Machine or you can submit your own idea for consideration. If you’re wondering how detailed it can get, you’ll be amazed by what coffee-based shades can do…

At this time, there’s been no mention of the Ripple Machine coming to the general public, but where there’s a will (and enough cash) there’s usually a way. The machine is geared towards coffee shops and businesses and it’s not cheap either. The Ripple Machine is listed at $999, and you’ll have to opt in for a service plan that starts at $75 per month.

You can see the Ripple Machine in action below, and don’t be surprised if you see one in your area in the near future as people love coffee and the Ripple definitely has the “Wow” factor.

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