Wake up to your favorite smell with the SensorWake Alarm Clock

sensorwake alarm clock

Unless you’re the cheery morning type, most folks generally dread crawling out of bed in the morning. Various things can make it somewhat easier, including the smell of freshly brewed coffee or frying bacon. If aromas help you hit the floor in the morning, the SensorWake alarm clock is a gadget you’ll want to check out.

SensorWake is an alarm clock that puts out scents, and it’s billed as the world’s first olfactory alarm clock. It’s also a Kickstarter project nearing the end of its run, so you’ll want to act quickly if you want to wake up to the smell of Strawberry candy or Ginger in the morning.

The minds behind SensorWake have perfected their clock to ensure the proper dose of scent each morning. The scents come in cartridges that slide into the top of the clock, and come two per pack. As for the scents, they currently have Bacon & Orange Juice, Seaside and Lush Jungle, Espresso & Hot Croissant, Sweet Peach & Strawberry Candy, Tea Tree and Chocolate, Ginger & Pepper Mint, and Dollar & Ebony Luxury. That last combo is a Kickstarter backer exclusive, and those scents will last for a while with around 60 doses of smelly goodness per cartridge.


The actual clock that houses the scent capsules sports an LCD screen and has the basic functions of a digital clock. It uses an RFID setup to recognize the smells, and the display will even fill you in on how much scent remains. After the SensorWake clock is released, the company will have a site setup to order refills (around $9 each), and they plan on setting up an automatically scheduled delivery feature as well.

At this time, there’s only a week left in the SensorWake Kickstarter and the price is nice at only $90 bucks. As it’s fully funded it should see prime time barring any setbacks with the first units set to roll out in November.


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