You Must Build A Boat Review

Occasionally a game comes along that absolutely destroys your free time, and when it’s a mobile game, it’s twice as bad considering most of us are constantly armed with a smartphone. Last week, one of those games arrived in You Must Build A Boat, and it’s a matching game unlike anything you’ve ever played.

You Must Build A Boat is the sequel to the wildly popular 10000000, a game that made plenty of “Years Best” lists when it was released. Like its predecessor, You Must Build A Boat is all about how fast you can match tiles, but with a new twist in the form of a boat. The old castle is a thing of the past, and the boat will be your new home although you won’t be alone…

Anyone who played 10000000 will be right at home with the mechanics in You Must Build A Boat, but folks new to the games will have no trouble picking it up. At the top of the screen, our adventurer runs while you match tiles at the bottom. Weapon tiles attack the monsters in your way, keys will unlock chests – you get the idea. Your run ends when you get “pushed” off the screen or die at the hands of a pixely enemy. You will die often, just get used to it.

you must build a boat

As you progress through You Must Build A Boat and beat quests, it opens up new areas on the world map which allows you to recruit new crew members. Your crew open up new areas of the ship, and this is where you’ll get the upgrades. I haven’t finished the game yet (getting there), but there’s plenty to unlock so you should be busy with this one for a while. How long depends on your matching skills and your ability to deal with frustration.

How you feel about You Must Build A Boat, depends on your feelings in regards to Match-3 games. You Must Build A Boat is most definitely a matching game, but the other elements help to set it apart and it just works. This is coming from someone that doesn’t play Matching games, but burned through batteries on 10000000. Great game, and definitely a “must buy” if you liked the previous game or are looking for countless hours of fun. You can pick up You Must Build A Boat for $4.99 on Google Play or the App Store.

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