Amazon Launchpad will bring crowdfunded products to the masses


We’ve covered a lot of cool crowdfunded tech over the years, but many products are never sold in a large venue. Amazon is going to change that with the Amazon Launchpad program that’s geared to bring all sorts of goodies in from the crowdfunding sites.

While our Kickstarter coverage is mainly in the tech field, there are thousands of products crowdfunded projects covering every niche imaginable. Amazon sells damn near everything imaginable, so adding hard to find products from startups seems like a natural fit. Especially when you consider how many shipping and inventory issues we’ve seen from various crowdfunded projects over the years.

As for those products, Amazon has already joined forces with over 25 different partners including Y Combinator, Cuff, Electric Objects, eero, and Indiegogo. Oddly enough, Kickstarter wasn’t mentioned in the presser, but we assume products from all crowdfunding sites will eventually trickle on over to Amazon Launchpad after they wrap.

If you’re looking to pick up something unique for the techie in your life (or yourself), Amazon Launchpad already has plenty of gadgets listed. the Kano Computer kit is a nice surprise as it’s something I covered ages ago, and a few of the other tech toys include Sphero, the PowerUp 3.0 Plane, an Anki DRIVE starter kit, and the Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard. The latter will set you back a cool $1,500 bucks but can go up to 22mph… and up hills.

Need something for your favorite feline or man’s best friend? Launchpad has a couple of different pet cams, and several types of natural treats and supplements as well. Home security tech is well represented, as are wearables like the Thync or the Myo Armband. As you might suspect, many of the items aren’t necessarily cheap, but there are some cool lower-priced items for techies including the eTape digital tape measurer and CUFF DVB sports band.

Amazon Launchpad isn’t a new idea by any means as there are plenty of sites that sell crowdfunded products. None of those companies is Amazon though, and we have a feeling Launchpad will be popular with consumers if they can draw in some of the bigger products from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. If you love tech, it could be bad news for your bank account…

Amazon Launchpad

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