Angry Birds 2 has arrived to drain your free time and wallet

angry birds 2

Today Rovio finally answered the question many fans had been asking over the year. A “true” Angry Birds sequel has arrived in the form of Angry Birds 2 and how you feel about the birds first real follow-up depends on how you feel about those pesky in-app purchases.

When the original Angry Birds was release, the whole IAP craze was still in its infancy, but we’ve seen Rovio adapt to the times accordingly. The gameplay behind Angry Birds 2 mainly stays the same although there are plenty of new twists brought in from previous titles along with a mountain of in-app purchases. Welcome back?



Like all the games before it, Angry Birds 2 is all about flinging birds at pigs. Nothing has changed in that area, but the way you’ll go about it is quite different. Cards come into play this time around, so you are able to select which bird you want to load into the slingshot and you can earn additional birds by filling up a Destruct-O-Meter. If it’s still too tough, you can always call in the Mighty Eagle or unleash a spell on those unsuspecting pigs.

As for the levels, there are 240 of them listed across several different areas, and you know more will be added in the future. Things are going to be lengthier in Angry Birds 2 as well thanks to the “multi-level” experience, something we’ve seen in the previous games. Throw in Boss fights and daily tourneys along with a slew of leaderboards and achievements and you’ve just meet Angry Birds 2.


Angry Birds 2 is going to rack up millions of downloads and make a whole lot of money for Rovio. That said, we’re not sure how fans are going to feel about the “lives system” as it’s pay-to-play or wait like most freemium games these days. Rovio can always tweak things if the backlash is strong enough, and it will be interesting to see how they handle things as the early reviews are mixed even though the App Store rating is high. You can pick up Angry Birds 2 for free on the App Store or Google Play.

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