Booq Taipan Shock Rucksack Review

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Booq has a pretty good selection of bags and other accessories already doing well in the market. Booq has a new backpack that is shockingly good looking and perfect for students, professional and travelers alike.

The Taipan shock uses a 210D nylon material for its interior lining in addition to a 1680D tri-weaver polyester. The backpack was basically intended for safely and comfortably carrying laptops and accessories like spare batteries, power supplies, mouse, mouse pad, USB hubs and card readers.

The internal measurements are 17.3 by 13 by 1 inch. The many interior and exterior pockets gives it users plenty of storage. The back pocket can comfortably fit a 16.4 inch laptop like a glove or a 13-15 inch Macbook.

booq taipan shock rucksack review - laptop storage area

The middle pocket is the largest as it contains multiple pockets built into the lining for holding various items. You can keep your laptop adapter, cell phone, your wallet and a bit more. There are other two small pockets perfect for keeping pens or styluses and a third small pocket which is a bit bigger than the two pen pockets which you can fit a large pocket knife.

booq taipan shock rucksack review - documents and accessories storage area

The bag also contains a slim slit-up pocket at the front just the right size for folded papers like tickets or maps. On both sides of the bag, there are 2 zip-up pouch pockets which when open, give access to a mesh-like nylon pocket that extends out to hold items like bottles for water or any other drink. Inside one of the pockets, there is a key ring holder.

The back of the bag has been extremely padded so you will not feel your laptop against your back when you are carrying it. The shoulder straps are also well padded so that when you carry a lot of things in your bag, the straps will not dig into your shoulders. The shoulder straps have adjustable lengths and Velcro fasteners that wrap up the excess lengths so that you don’t flop around. There is also an adjustable chest strap that prevents the shoulder straps from sliding off your shoulders. The chest straps have some stretch to it, a feature that makes it less constricting as one breathes. The bag also contains a top handle which is has been padded as well.

I took the bag on holiday where for the first time I used it while wearing a T-shirt. Anyone planning on using it like this should note the inside padding on the straps is quite abrasive. Taking the bag on and off several times a day can lead to sore arms! You can loosed the straps which makes it better, but then the bag doesn’t sit as comfortably on your back.

The exterior of the bag is tough, durable looking polyester or nylon that is resistant to scrapes and cuts as well as a water-repellent coating. The empty bag is about 2 pounds heavy. It gives a very smart impression and isn’t at all out of place in a business environment. Commuters, or anyone who just prefers a backpack to a briefcase or shoulder bag should seriously consider it.

booq taipan shock rucksack review - carry handle smart

The Taipan Shock Bag is extremely excellent bag. The bag offers good protection to your items like none other. The separate laptop slot has thick padding and genuine YKK water repellent zipper that keeps ones MacBook safe. Its zippers are large enough that one can operate them with gloves; this allows you to remove or put the gadget in the bag quickly. Some zippers have colored leather like pull to add some trim to the back pack.

Taipan Shock bag is really strong and well made. It can easily fit in the overhead bins of most aircraft. Go ahead and buy one!

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