Deal Alert: Huawei Ascend Y330 £9.99 Virgin or Vodafone PAYG upgrade @ CPW

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Deal alert from Carphone Warehouse.

Found by PaulHM

The Huawei Ascend Y330 is the cheapest Android phone available from Carphone Warehouse at present but is also as fast as the Samsung Galaxy S3 which costs six times as much. All of my favorite Android apps and games work on this phone unlike the LG L20 which for example does not run the BBC iPlayer app. The Y330 also unlike most Android phones uses an old style mini SIM which means that you would not need to cut down an old mini SIM to use it in the phone. The only downside is that it runs a version of Android that is older than Kit-Kat which means that your log in information will not be erased by a factory reset. The way around this problem is when you have finished with it not to sell it but instead to give it to a friend who agrees to overwrite your log on information with their own.

Source: HotUKDeals

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