Hot on Kickstarter: The Vufine Wearable Display

Vufine Kickstarter

Google Glass didn’t set the world on fire, and while there are other contenders in the pipeline, most use the same tech tricks. The minds behind the Vufine decided to do something different with their wearable, and it has landed on Kickstarter in the form of the Vufine wearable display.

The Vufine wearable display is a simple approach to a wearable display, and it’s geared to get around those privacy concerns that plagued glass. The display doesn’t record what you see but instead acts as a secondary display that frees up your hands. That opens the door for a lot of interesting uses from watching flicks to navigation while you walk.

Whether you have a GoPro or just want to sync up to your slate or handset, the Vufine has got your back. Its design allows you to connect to all sorts of gadgets, and what they see is sent to a tiny 720p display and projected onto your eyewear. Yup, you don’t need a special set of frames as the Vufine wearable display will hook to your regular spectacles.

Another perk of the Vufine design is its lack of a brain. As it works with other gadgets, there’s no processor or software to deal with, just a 720p “virtual screen” and an internal battery. The signal is sent through a slim HDMI cable, and the gadget’s magnetic docking station allows you to quickly engage or disengage the accessory in an instant.


We have to admit, we’re a fan of the Vufine’s simple design and it seems plenty of other folks are as well. The Kickstarter project has surpassed its initial funding goal with well over two weeks left on the clock, and the first two tiers of “Early Birds” are long gone. If you want to snag a Vufine wearable display it will set you back $149 and the first units are set to ship out in November.


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