Meet the Skysphere, an Android controlled Man Cave


If you grew up when Cribs was still popular on MTV, you’ve seen some pretty crazy pads from folks with deep pockets. The Skysphere is a bit more high-tech and futuristic than those abodes, and it’s even powered by Android.

The Skysphere is the creation of Jono Williams, an engineer who decided he’d like a good view of the New Zealand countryside along with a bit of privacy. It’s reminiscent of some of the structures erected in the 70s with its bulbous top, but it’s not just about the looks. The Skysphere is solar powered, it and has almost every creature comfort you would want.

Williams installed semi-flexible solar panels on top of the Skysphere to provide power to the structure and what lies inside. At the moment, that includes a couch with an integrated beer cooler, a Miracast setup, Wireless sound system, color-changing LED lighting, and high speed internet. Yup, it’s a man cave for techies, and it’s all controlled using Android.


To access the Skysphere you’ll need to use a ladder, but you’ll also have to have the right digits. Not a keypad code mind you, but a fingerprint as Williams installed a scanner beside the motorized door. The lighting, sound and various other functions can be controlled though an app, and the solar powered setup will provide the power. There are even computer generated “voice dialogues” to boot because… why not?


As you might suspect, the Skysphere isn’t for sale, but it costs far less than you would think to build. At this time, around $50,000 has been spent on construction materials while 3000 hours of labor has gone into the project. The only downside we can see is the lack of a proper bathroom, so you’ll need to use the great outdoors (down the ladder) if you’ve got to go. Considering there’s a beer cooler, that could be an issue for some.

Average folks can’t buy a Skysphere of their own at this time, but Williams has said there is a possibility for sales in the future. If you want to stay in the loop on the Skysphere, you can check out the official site or Facebook page.

Adam is a tech aficionado and Android enthusiast. When he's not checking out new tech, you can find him playing poker or binge-watching shows on Netflix.