OnePlus will launch a second handset in 2015

OnePlus 2

The last time we checked in on the OnePlus 2, we had learned it would come with 4GB of RAM. New details have emerged since then, and now we’re getting word there may be two OnePlus 2 releases this year.

Since we last looked at the OnePlus 2, a few new facts have appeared online with plenty of rumors and a new nickname. The official OnePlus 2 specs show the smartphone will have a Snapdragon 810, a 13MP rear camera, and the aforementioned 4GB of RAM. That’s definitely up to 2015 standards, and it will have a fingerprint scanner and a USB Type-C charging port to boot. As for that nickname, the company has dubbed it the “Flagship Killer of 2016″ and they will implement a new invite system to let you snag one.

In our previous report, we told you about several different models of the OnePlus 2 clearing Bluetooth SIG. Yesterday, the online retailer known as Oppomart put a listing up for the OnePlus 2, but with slightly different specs than the official ones. While we aren’t sure if it’s a variant or just an early listing with some errors, a new interview from sheds some light on the OnePlus 2 release.

An interview with Pete Lau has confirmed the existence of a second OnePlus handset for 2015, and it’s coming straight from the CEO, Pete Lau. When asked about another handset release Lau said, “We have another phone planned for this year, but will provide details soon”. While the answer is vague and the translation (of the question) is a bit off, it appears as if Lau was asked about a mid-range device.

If you think the OnePlus One was popular last year, that’s just a taste of what’s to come if they actually release a mid-range or entry-level smartphone. Flagships are great, but the mid-range sector is booming so it would be a smart move for the company provided they can crank out enough handsets to meet demand.

For the moment, it’s all about the company’s flagship though  and it will be shown off on July 27 through VR. If you don’t own a cardboard headset or something similar, rest assured we’ll be around to give you the scoop when the OnePlus 2 launches.

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