Patent reveals bizarre Nintendo Sleep Tracker


Nintendo has already surprised us by partnering with DeNA for mobile games, and today they kicked it up a notch. A Nintendo Sleep Tracker may be in the works, and it functions in a very interesting way.

Nintendo is a brand best known for gaming, but they’ve churned out plenty of other products over the years including playing cards. A Nintendo Sleep Tracker was actually hinted at last year by the late, great, Satoru Iwata during a company briefing last year, and while it sounded intriguing, the information was limited. We knew it would make use of five “non” sensing elements and that they had partnered with ResMed. Well, some new patents shed a bit of light on things.

Several different patents have turned up that give us a rough idea of what Nintendo is going for with their sleep tracker. There will be a terminal or hub of sorts that’s said to track the users “emotions” through the use of a microphone and camera. The software will figure out how your feeling based on that the information it pulls in… and then projects it on the ceiling.

The projector will shine a variety of information on the ceiling, but we weren’t able to make heads or tails of the tranlations so you’ll have to make do with the photo below. Pulse rate tracking was mentioned and it looks like the Wii Balance Board may come into play to keep tabs on your weight as well. As for the info, it will apparently be kept on a server somewhere in Nintendo’s cloud with Mario and Luigi.


Where to start with this one. Unless this is tied to the upcoming Nintendo NX, this is one of the wackier things anyone could imagine the company producing. The fitness aspect we get, but the projector part not so much. While it would be “cool” in a sense, we can’t imagine too many folks will be thrilled with a machine that watches them sleep while synced to the cloud. That’s if the company actually produces the Nintendo Sleep Tracker Projector as it could be a gadget that never sees the light of day.

via – NeoGAF

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