Power up devices sans electricity with the Candle Charger

candle charger

For some of us, it’s hard to imagine being separated from our gadgets whether it’s during a blackout or camping trip. Power is always an issue, but the Candle Charger has arrived on Kickstarter to give you some power when the lights go out.

The Candle Charger is built to provide USB power when you need it, and as its name implies, it uses a candle. The device consists a candle charger pot that sits on top of a base; all you have to do is provide some water and a flame. As the water heats up, the Candle Charger produces a 2.5w USB charge you can use to power up your tablet, smartphone or any other gadget.

While the Candle Charger is geared to work best with their candle (sterno), the company says any candle will work, but results will vary depending on the height of the flame and wick size. That said, the included candle will last for around 6 hours and can charge two iPhones – pretty impressive. As a bonus, the Candle Charger also sterilizes the water it heats which makes it great for the outdoors as well as the indoors.

candle charger kickstarter

The Candle Charger Kickstarter is from the same folks that produced the FlameStower, a similar device geared towards the outdoors. Early Bird backers will be able to snag one for $65 while supplies last, and the price for everyone else is listed at $75. The campaign comes to a close on August 28 with the first units set to roll out in December.

Candle Charger

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