Project Your Life! H60 HD LCD Projector Review

H60 HD LCD Projector 1

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. At some point in our life, we will have to take the stage or do a presentation. Of course to stand out in the crowd we need to make a difference by bringing your work to life and make the audience go aww!! Or if you are a family man, and wish to watch that movie you just bought for the weekend or to view the family photos and videos, you might as well do it with style!!

Gearbest electronics shopping let’s you find the best value for your money…Enter the H60 HD LCD Projector which let’s you bring your work or pleasure to life. With Full 1080p projection resolution, this projector will bring out your work, images and videos to life in beautiful colours. What more? The 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio makes the movies and videos a visual treat from 20 inch to 100 inch! 60 lumens brightness produces crisp and sharp Full HD images without any blur.

H60 HD LCD Projector 2

The H60 comes in Yellow, Blue, Green, Plum and Black which really is an eye candy. The enhanced picture rendering technology makes it easy to project videos and movies. The body of the projector has navigation keys and Menu, Source and Power Buttons in additional to the Remote controller .It has a projection distance of about 1.2-3.6 metres, which gives hassle free placing of the projector in your space and then again producing bright and sharp images of your work. The Remote controller let’s you change slides, images and videos with a tap, which let’s you seamlessly present your explanations and project the respective data to the audience.

The professional appearance design along with the styled ventilation brings perfect and steadier use. The multifunction interface let’s you take input from HDMI, USB, SD card, VGA, AV and TV. Therefore you need not worry about how to project data from your device, be it your DSLR, PC, or TV, it projects all! The AUDIO OUT, and Earphone OUT let’s you immerse in the audio treat it has to offer.

The small dimensions and light weight feature makes it ease on the back and the low-power consumption makes it easy on the pocket, unlike the other projectors out there. Professional troubleshooting and protection methods makes it easy for you to operate. The package includes a Projector, Remote Controller, AV cable, Power Adapter (EU Plug) and along with one English User Manual, which enables you to learn about the product in a jiffy! With a over 50000 hours LED lamp life, it ensure that you can make the most out of this product.

H60 HD LCD Projector 3

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