The ePawn Arena brings board games and mobiles together

epawn arena

As more people jump on the smartphone bandwagon, the number of mobile accessories and gadgets grows. The ePawn Arena is the one coolest pieces of mobile tech we’ve seen yet, and it’s bringing a new type of board game to the mobile crowd.

The ePawn Arena is a 60 x 60 cm gaming board built for mobiles that combines mobile gaming with real world game pieces. It looks just as cool as it sounds. While it won’t work with any old game, several titles were mentioned including an action game, RPG, and chess just to name a few.

The folks at ePawn will use their object localization tech to move bots around the game board and switch on LED lights. As you can see from the pics, the effect can be quite impressive and will vary depending on the style of game you’re playing. Those bots are customizable and act as a base of sorts, so you can add you own flair assuming it doesn’t weigh too much.


As with most cool gadgets, the ePawn Arena is available on Kickstarter and they are currently in the middle of their funding run. At this time, there are still plenty of “Early Bird” packages available at €159 which gets you the Arena, three games with mats, and two bots.

There are a slew of different tiers (with different games) available as well, and additional bots will set you back €50 a pair if you want to add more to your set. The ePawn Arena Kickstarter wraps up on August 8, you can pledge your support or get more information at the link below.

ePawn Arena

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