The Floating Record Turntable lets you go Vertical with your Vinyl

floating vertical turntable

Vinyl has been around far longer than most folks can recall, and it’s the type of thing that never goes out of style. If you still listen to records there’s a new project you’ll want to check out on Kickstarter called the Floating Record Vertical Turntable.

The Floating Record Turntable is one of those devices where the name says it all. It’s a record player that can spin your favorite platters in style and it’s something you just have to see to believe. Spinning a record vertically isn’t necessarily something that has stumped scientists for decades, but the way the folks at Gramovox have gone about it is truly unique.

As you can see from the design, the Floating Record Turntable isn’t your typical record player. Everything you need is all in one setup including a set of 2-inch full range stereo speakers and a 2x15w Class-D amp. This means you can set the turntable up anywhere without wiring half your home, but there are outputs on the back if you want to kick things up a notch. The belt drive system will allow you to play at 33 ½ or 44 RPM by simply flicking the belt to the proper gear, and it looks pretty damned cool as well.


The stylish Floating Turntable isn’t going to take up much space wherever you place it either. It’s 17-inches wide with a depth of 10-inches and is 16-inches tall with a weight of 13lbs. You’ll get to choose between a Maple or Walnut wood base, but that’s where the options end as there are no stretch goals in the particular campaign. That’s not a bad thing as the turntable will come with everything you’ll need right out of the box.

The Floating Record Vertical Turntable is currently cleaning up on Kickstarter as the team has amassed over $1,000,000 with 20 days left on the clock. It’s even more impressive when you consider their original funding goal was only $50,000. Folks are definitely interested in this one, and you’ll be able to pick one up for $349 with an expected shipping date of December.

Floating Record Vertical Turntable

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