Unique Nextbit Smartphone is in the works, details coming soon

nextbit smartphone

If you’re tired of the same old smartphones and are looking for something new, you may want to keep an eye out for the Nextbit smartphone. The company has announced plans for a new handset, and have said it’s not going to be something for everyone. We are officially intrigued…

If you keep up with the smartphone world, you know the Galaxy S6 Edge is about the only handset around that really “looks” different from the rest of the pack. There are exceptions to the rule like Vertu and a handful of others, but it’s attack of the clones across the board for the most part. The Nextbit smartphone may shake things up in the design department, as Scott Croyle is on board as the Chief Product Officers.

Scott Croyle was in charge of the folks that designed and launched the HTC One and the One M8, two handsets that won a lot of folks over with their design. When Croyle says they “want to set this off as something different” and that “we don’t have to be for everyone” it’s going to get your attention if you’re looking for something new in the design department.

Nextbit was originally in the software biz with a service called Baton, and they plan to use that expertise on the Nextbit smartphone by leveraging cloud-based storage tech. Unfortunately, that’s about all we know at the moment as the company was light on details when breaking things down in an interview with the folks at Re/code.

We don’t know the Nextbit smartphone release date at the moment, but the company plans on releasing details through their official site and social media channels.

Source: Re/code

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