Vault! Review


Looking for a game that only requires a finger to play and will drive you batty? If so, Nitrome has just what the doctor ordered with Vault!, a new mobile “runner” with a fun new twist.

Vault! Is the latest game from Nitrome, a company that knows a thing or two about making great bite-sized games. It’s basically an endless runner, but with a Pole Vaulter in place of the usual athletic hero or heroine. While it may not sound like loads of fun, it’s the type of game you’re going to have a hard time putting down unless it’s in the midst of a rage quit.


The gameplay behind Vault! only requires a single digit as you tap the screen to start a vault, and release at any point to let go. Initially, you’ll start out jumping over chasms, but will quickly hit red obstacles, sinking platforms, and various other hazards. When you miss fall into a hole or hit anything, your run is over and time to Finnegan Begin again…vault.nitrome

As you can imagine, games are over relatively quickly in Vault! for most folks, but you do get a chance to pick up coins before you smash into something. Those coins have two purposes – continuing a run or unlocking characters. If you want to continue, it will set you back 50 coins while the characters run anywhere from 100 to 2,000 coins. Alternatively, you can watch an ad to continue a run, but you can only do that every other play.

In terms of content, Vault! is a little sparse as there are only 5 unlockable characters in the games and that’s about it. There are achievements and leaderboards, but if there’s any more content to be had, I haven’t found it yet. Vault! is also a freemium title so you’re going to get a heavy dose of ads along with ability to by coins for easier unlocks. The ads can be removed, but it will set you back $2.31 to do so.


Vault! is one of those rare games that suck you into that feeling of “one more go” and it nails it with lightning fast restarts. Yes, you will have to close out ads quite often (between runs) unless you pay, but it’s implemented in a way that isn’t all that bothersome oddly enough. Needless to say, Vault! is a game you’ll want to grab if you love a challenge or just like being frustrated. You can pick the game up for free on Google Play or the App Store.

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