Kickstarter Pick: Creating Caps and Creating Jobs

gms caps kickstarter

Only loosely ‘tech’ but we’re always happy to promote Kickstarters that support a cause.

This one is for a Suffolk based company, raising funds to buy a machine to employ Army veterans who have passed through a Personnel recovery centre having been injured in the UK.

We aim to employ more staff through the PRC over the next few years and have looked at skill and demand and want to purchase a specialist cap printing machine – a ‘Cap Press.’ This will allow us to grow the business and extend training opportunities to more Army veterans and with support and promotion – we would like the cap press service to be run full time by ex service personnel.

They only need to raise £695, its currently at £295 and with 9 days to go it would be great to see that achieved.

>> Creating Caps and Creating Jobs on Kickstarter

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