F-Secure Buddy Locator Tag Review

F-Secure Buddy Locator Tag Review - Featured

F-Secure Buddy is a locator tag by F-Secure, an online security and privacy company from Finland. It a lightweight, wearable location device designed specifically for helping you find what matters to you – whether it is your phone, wallet, bag, keys, or even your loved ones. Small items like keys can be easily lost or misplaced. With F-Secure Buddy locator tag, you can always keep track of your keys.

F-Secure Buddy Locator Tag Review - Inside Box

We’ll now take a closer look at the locator tag and compare it to GuardMobile and Lookout, two other popular security applications.

F-Secure Buddy is small and stylish and so it can easily be use for any personal items that you actually don’t want to lose, such as your phone, your handbag, your wallet, or even your laptop case. Its modern, lightweight design makes this device a top choice in the kid’s wearables market. Get each of your kids their own Buddy and setup your family circle. Simply check the mobile app to see where the members of your family are on the map. Your kids can use one button location sharing, for instance to report where they’re or to let you know they are home after school.

The core features of F-Secure Buddy locator tag can be helpful in keeping your valuables safe. The device is paired with an Android/ iOS app that allows you to track items you value within a 20 to 45 meter radius. This is close enough to jog your memory or have you within hearing distance of the ringer.

The Locate feature takes just about a minute to reply to your activation text. Its strong casing and water resistant materials allow one to keep the Buddy locator tag with you at all times, no-matter where you go. Use it with practically anything you need to keep with you. In case you happen to leave it behind or someone takes it, both your phone and your Buddy locator tag start ringing when they arrive at the maximum range.

F-Secure Buddy Locator Tag Review - iOS App and Fob with Keys

F-Secure Buddy locator tag has another useful feature. You can remotely set off the phone’s alarm plus it has out-of-range alerts and safe WiFi networks where disconnect alerts aren’t triggered. This feature, which employs NFC technology or Bluetooth, is great to use right away the moment you realize what you value has disappeared.

The only issue with most of the alerts is they don’t override the phones volume, at least on iOS which I tested it on. So if the volume is low or silent there is a good chance you won’t hear it.

The alarm sound is really loud to reveal a thief or the exact location of your item. You can even reverse locate the connected phone using the GPS locator tag by activating the Locate Phone feature! F-Secure Buddy is quite durable, eco-friendly, has a long battery lifespan (up to 12 months). It has been designed with sustainable development in mind. You do not need to recharge your Buddy. You simply replace the battery once the battery dies.

How it stacks up against the competition


Lookout is more similar to the F-Secure’ full Mobile Security suite than the Buddy locator tag. It not only includes locator and anti-theft tools but also features anti-virus and device back-up tools. Although F-Secure does offer similar features, they are part of the paid application. F-Secure is more accessible compared to Lookout because it can be activated from any mobile device with SMS abilities.

Guard Mobile

Guard Mobile has virtually similar features as F-Secure Buddy locator tag and requires one to pre-authorize where the activation SMS message comes from. On the other hand, F-Secure uses your security code, which allows one to use any mobile device to activate features provided that you remember the security code.

Overall Impressions

F-Secure Buddy locator tag is a stable, reliable, useful device to have. It provides a nice tool set that helps you locate and protect your valued items and loved ones should they come up missing. While there are alternatives out there, Buddy is definitely worth a try plus it’s free to install and setup the app.

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