F-Secure launches free Ad Blocking app for iOS 9 users

F-Secure launches free Ad Blocking app for iOS 9 users

iOS 9 brought with it the ability for third party tools to affect the content shown in mobile Safari. Its primary use so far has been Ad blockers, with many users commenting on how much faster mobile browsing is when heavy Ads aren’t loaded. A recent report claimed that the practice will cost online publishers 22 billion dollars in 2015.

Somewhat ironically, the software designed to stop content creators from monetizing their website, typically cost money, and many of the free ones have in-App purchases to extend functionality.

So its good news that a major company like F-Secure has released its own Ad blocker, and that it’s free too.

F-Secure AdBlocker makes browsing faster and saves bandwidth by preventing ads from loading in Safari. The product is based on the new content blocking capabilities Apple built into iOS 9, and uses filters built and maintained in F-Secure’s Security Cloud.

A list of known advertising servers is maintained in this cloud and the app blocks content sent from the servers on the list to the devices running the app. By blocking the incoming ads, people’s mobile devices consume less data when loading web pages, which means websites load faster and use less bandwidth.

Sean Sullivan, security advisor at F-Secure, said that tests like these demonstrate the need for people to have greater control over their exposure to online advertising.

There’s plenty of ways advertising is regulated in other types of media, so the idea that people shouldn’t have some way to tone down the ad content they see online is a little silly. Turning down the volume on a TV ad is perfectly ok and volume levels are often regulated to prevent ads from being too intrusive. Bringing ad blocking to digital media is really just giving people a way to turn down the noise.

F-Secure AdBlocker is a free app that blocks ads in Safari and apps using Safari View. It is currently available from Apple’s App Store, and works on Apple devices with iOS 9.

>> Official F-Secure AdBlocker site

>> Download the F-Secure Adblocker from the iTunes store.

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  • Sara

    This is defiantly a much needed app to provide iPhone users with ad block protection.