Nearly Half Of All Smartphone Users Want Better Battery Life Above Anything Else

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In a recent survey of over 1000 respondents, nearly half of the users said that they would take a longer lasting battery over any other new feature on their smartphone.

44% said that they want a better battery in their next phone more than anything else, with 17% of people say their smartphone rarely lasts all day, while 8% claim it never does.

Apple has pursued advancements in battery technology and lower power usage simply to achieve the goal of thinner and lighter phones, was opposed to providing longer lasting phones. As we do more and more things with our phones, from Apps, to gaming, to email and banking, the drain on battery life has only increased.

Streaming music and video from services like Apple Music, Spotify and Netflix have increased mobile data usage, which in turn uses more battery than playing locally stored music.

The survey was conducted by online mobile casino, which has a vested interest in making sure its members devices last long enough to be able to use their services when the mood takes then. Android and iOS have both recently introduced ‘battery saver’ modes when power runs low, but this typically disables services like push email frequency and background App checking. The problem is reportedly worse for iPhone users than Android.

If you’re affected by this issue, the only real suggestion is to make sure you have a decent portable battery charger with you, enabling you to top of your phone while you’re travelling or in a meeting. I keep one in my bag all the time, and its saved me on the train home from London more times than I can count!

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  • Erica

    A smartphone is nothing without battery, so it makes sense this is top priority for most users.