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Deal alert on Google Play.

Found by Cruxis

Kemco are having another sale and have reduced twelve of their JRPGs to just 99p. This will be the first time Alphadia Genesis 2 & Valkyria Soul have been included in a sale.
If you have not played a Kemco RPG before, they are as close to a console quality JRPG you're going to get on a phone. They are reminiscent of the classic RPGs of the SNES, PSX & PS2 eras.
The games themselves include and involving story lines, turn base battle systems "usually with a twist" fun levelling up systems, hundreds of different items, and equipment to use and clearly take a lot of inspiration from Squaresoft.
The graphics range from detailed 2d sprites to 3d depending on the game & and have approximately 20 hours gameplay, at 99p you can't go wrong.

Included in the sale are:

Asdivine Hearts
Alphadia Genesis
Alphadia Genesis 2
Blood of Calamity
Covenant of Solitude
Chrome Wolf
End of Aspiration
Link of Hearts
Soul of Deva
Symphony of Eternity
Rusted Emeth
Valkyria Soul

Source: HotUKDeals

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