Kickstarter of the Week: AuraVisor: The Virtual Reality Game Changer

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The AuraVisor is the first virtual reality system that doesn’t need to be connected to a computer or smartphone to operate. Its on-board computer allows you to break free from other devices and experience virtual reality and all it offers, without breaking the budget. Virtual reality is now truly available for everyone!

The AuraVisor doesn’t tether you to a single platform like a PC, games console or smartphone. It frees you to experience content however you choose. You can use this with your PS4, hook it up to a Mac to use as a monitor, connect it to your Xbox to expand your experiences or use the intuitive user interface to download games, add movies or video clips from the app store. The HDMI capability allows you to plug in the device and play straight away. You can also hook up to a DVD/Blu-ray player and experience movies as though you’re watching from the best seat in your local cinema.

The built in 5″ screen delivers full 1080p HD video and a massive 100° field of vision means that the AuraVisor provides a truly immersive gaming experience but, more than that, it’s a completely standalone entertainment system. It’s ideal for watching 3D movies and can even up-scale 2D films to look natural in 3D.

The AuraVisor also works perfectly with YouTube 360° videos and you can connect to YouTube easily via the user interface. The built in Bluetooth provides simple connectivity to a wide range of controllers, sticks, yokes and headsets and the on-board Wi-Fi and a simple smart scrolling graphical user interface means you can simply turn on, download and immerse yourself in whatever activity you like.

James Talbot, Director, AuraVisor, said:

The AuraVisor has the potential to do to virtual reality what the Model T Ford did to transport, the Atari 2600 did to home gaming and the camcorder did to home movies. It has its own operating system and battery on board and you can use the AuraVisor completely wirelessly allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the experiences on offer. You are free to rotate 360° or more without tangling or tripping over wires.

Because AuraVisor has been designed from the ground up to specifically function as VR, the initial set up is quick and simple and the graphics do not pixelate. The headset does not suffer from noticeable latency or lagging issues as you move your head freely.

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You can nab an AuraVisor from as little as £135 if you get in early enough for the Super Early Bird discount, otherwise prices rise from there to the RRP of £300.00. Currently it has £35,000 raised of its £100,000 goal.

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