MOO introduces Business Cards 2.0 with embedded NFC

MOO introduces Business Cards 2.0 with embedded NFC

MOO, the design, technology and manufacturing company launched in 2006, has today announced the first major upgrade to the humble Business Card, with the introduction of Business Cards+

Business Cards+ feature embedded Near Field Communication (NFC) chips, empowering the physical card with an unlimited range of digital actions, defined by the customer.

Simply tap to an NFC-enabled device and Business Cards+ come to life. A really cool feature is that you can change the actions of your NFC cards at any time from your Paper+ account, so you could start with your cards simply exchanging contact details, but later change them to direct visitors to a special offer page on your website for example. There is even an IFTTT API coming soon.

Priced at $£23.99 in the UK for a pack of 20 with the Paper+ platform included, Business Cards+ will be available in MOO’s matte finish.

MOO’s founder and CEO Richard Moross says:

Business cards are the most successful networking technology of all time, but they’ve been the same for centuries. Of course we love print, but because we also love the web we wanted to bring those two worlds together, making paper more useful than it’s ever been.

As soon as we saw this technology we knew we had to develop it. And it’s taken us over 2 years to get it right, but loving technology and being design-minded people, this was something MOO was meant to do. It provides us with an enormous commercial opportunity, but really it’s all about our mission to help our customers to stand out. Now for the first time we’re able to give them a whole new digital as well as paper world. We can’t wait to see how they use it.

>> Moo Paper+ NFC Business cards website

Check out more information in the video below:

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