Worlds First Bluetooth Connected Smart Leggings For Exact Fit Measurements – Like A Glove

Worlds First Bluetooth Connected Smart Leggings Provide Exact Fit Measurements - Like A Glove

LikeAGlove, a ‘smart garments’ company today announced the pre-sale of its Smart Leggings. LikeAGlove’s Smart Leggings measure a user’s shape in seconds and help them find a pair of jeans that fits and flatters their figure.

Designed to address one of the most common cloth shopping problems,  the company was founded in 2014 after the founder’s wife complained about too many returns ruining her online shopping experience.

Jeans sizes differ vastly from brand to brand, and model to model, and most users only know their approximate waist size when heading to the shops or browsing online. LikeAGlove believes that knowing your waist size isn’t nearly enough when shopping for clothes – users also need to consider their hips and thigh measurements, inseam size, and the shape and curve of their body. Finding a pair that really fits just right can take a while and is especially difficult to achieve when shopping online.

To use LikeAGlove, a user simply puts on the Smart Leggings, turns them on and presses measure in the app. The leggings will then measure the user’s shape and size in seconds and send the data, over bluetooth, to the app.

Worlds First Bluetooth Connected Smart Leggings Provide Exact Fit Measurements - Like A Glove - Mobile App

Each user’s measurements are then cross referenced with measurements of popular brands, models and sizes and the app recommends pairs that will suit them best. The app is a search engine of fit and size – after the ‘right’ jeans have been found, the user simply clicks through to the retailer’s website to purchase.   

Simon Cooper, CEO of LikeAGlove commented:

Consumers have for a long time struggled with brands’ constantly changing portfolio of styles, inconsistent sizing between different brands and an overall frustrating experience when trying to decide which pair of jeans will not only fit but also flatter their figure. LikeAGlove solves that problem, in just seconds. 

With the help of LikeAGlove, everyone now has access to a personal tailor – our Smart Leggings, paired with our app, match a user’s shape to an extensive catalogue of popular jeans brands, making shopping for that perfect fitting pair of jeans so easy.

LikeAGlove Smart Leggings will retail at £65 but are currently available at special pre-sale prices. Purchase before 16th October and you can purchase the leggings for just £25. This price will rise to £35 after this date for a limited number of orders. Orders will begin shipping Q1 2016.

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