Emicro One – The World’s First Motion Controlled Electric Scooter

emicro one motion controlled electric scooter

Definitely a ‘toy’ for boys who can afford it, this innovative new electric scooter comes from the award winning Swiss innovators at Micro Scooters.

Weighing just 7.5kg, it is the world’s most lightweight and compact electric scooter, and it folds down to a more compact portable device too.

Its unique feature though is its motion control sensor which allows riders to start and control their speed through body movement eliminating the need for a control cable. It has good battery life with a run distance of upto 12Km but still crucially can be fully charged in just one hour and has an excellent lifetime of 1000+ charging cycles.

Its packed full of ingenious features like regenerative braking to give shorter breaking distances and puts small amounts back into the battery, and a nice little led display that shows the speed setting (Eco, Standard and Sport) and charge left in the battery.

If you’re interested you can see more information at www.micro-scooters.co.uk. The Emicro One costs £749.95.

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