Moto 360 Sport Available 18th December

moto 360 sport

Motorola have confirmed that the new sports version of their smartwatch, the 360 Sport, will be available in time for Christmas.

Available December 18th, the 360 Sport is wrapped in a new case and aimed at the more active people, and includes a GPS receiver, a new single sports band with a special UV coating to help fend off sweat, and vents to help

The Sport edition is only very slightly thicker than the new Moto 360 2, measuring in at 11.5mm (versus 11.4mm) thick and weighing 54g. The diameter of the front of the Sport is 45mm and it still features the now famous ‘flat-tyre’ section at the bottom of the display.

Moto 360 Sport Black and white colours

  • Made for sport. Built to last: Push yourself to the limit without worrying about your watch. Strong silicone construction doesn’t absorb sweat and resists fading or staining, while side ventilation channels help you stay cool.
  • Built-in GPS keeps you going: Moto 360 Sport has built-in GPS that works seamlessly with Moto Body to measure your performance. Track your distance traveled, pace, lap times, and more. There’s no need to carry your phone to know exactly how you’re doing.
  • Popular fitness apps1: Moto 360 Sport works seamlessly with Android fitness apps including MapMyRun®, Under Armour Record™, Strava and Fitbit™. Moto Body records your workout data and syncs directly with these apps, so your workout history is always up to date.
  • Heart rate at a glance: Continuously track your heart rate during a run to monitor your performance. And with Moto Body, measure the time you spend in different heart rate zones to make sure you’re achieving your fitness goals2.
  • Brilliant, indoors and out: Motorola AnyLight is the world’s first hybrid display that lets you see things clearly both indoors and out. Indoors, it works like any beautiful LCD screen. Step outside and it reflects natural sunlight, making the screen easy to read.

>> Moto 360 Sport will be available in the UK from 18th December for £219.00 from and Amazon.

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