Which Regions Of The UK Are Most Prepared For Christmas

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I posted 5 great Christmas gifts yesterday, but which areas of the country are already prepared and which will be last minute shopping next week?

In terms of beer and wine at least, leading online beer distributor, EeBria, has analysed its own regional monthly sales data to see which areas of the country has been ordering the earliest.

The North East and South West are the top two ‘most prepared’ regions of the country, measuring a general increase or decrease in comparisonwith previous months. Wales and London are propping up the bottom of the table with declines in their usual spending.

Northern Ireland has not changed its shopping habits at all compared to the rest of this year, the only region unique in its consistency.

David Jackson, co-founder at EeBria, said:

The research points to the North East as the most prepared this Christmas with the South West and East of England close behind. Londoners and the Welsh need to get a move on to make sure they have all the drinks they want this Christmas!

The full table is below:

Region EeBria Christmas
Preparedness Index (UK = 100)
North East 138
South West 117
East 114
Scotland 110
Yorkshire 107
South East 104
North West 101
Grand Total 100
Northern Ireland 100
Midlands 97
Wales 82
London 81
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