Krimston’s dual-sim iPhone solution – TWO

Krimston TWO Dual sim solution for iphone

Krimston is an exciting world first product that puts an end to one of travellers biggest gripes when using iPhone – not being able to use two sims at once. Ideal for iPhone 6/6S owners and travellers across the globe, Krimston’s TWO is a revolutionary dual sim solution that helps prevent high roaming fees, poor mobile signal, and the hassles associated with carrying multiple phones.

It’s now at BETA prototype and ready to be taken into mass production, and goes beyond otheir dual-sim options thanks to a number of clever features and is packaged in the form of an unobtrusive phone sleeve.

Krimston TWO allows users to use two sims at once. Through the TWO, enjoy using local sim cards for better rates when abroad, carrying one phone and still being able to access personal and work calls and using your phone at home even if your reception is poor.

Already backed by Silicon Valley designers, award winning CEO’s and even a Minister of Communication, TWO will launch on Kickstarter later this month and will fulfil all orders that come from the campaign this summer.

We’re looking forward to seeing more details on this when the Kickstarter launches.

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