Deal Alert: Id mobile 250 mins, 2GB data 1 month contact £5

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Deal alert from Carphone Warehouse.

Found by techsavvy82

250 minutes
5000 texts
2GB data
£5.00 per month
This deal is available via uswitch.

Why choose iD Mobile?
Competitively priced 12-month 4G contracts
iD’s major selling points are competitively priced 12-month 4G contracts, along with its free roaming tariffs and 'no bill shock' contracts that allow its customers to keep track of spending.

Owned by Carphone Warehouse and using Three's network
iD is a subsidiary of retail giant Carphone Warehouse and launched in 2015. It’s based on Three’s network infrastructure, so is able to offer nationwide coverage.

Free-roaming, Capped and Free Data Rollover plans
iD's popular tariffs are TakeAway plans, with more free roaming than any other plans in the UK; the Shockproof plans, with overspending is capped at £5 and Free Data Rollover on GoTo plans, it automatically rolls over unused monthly data into your next month’s allowance.”

Source: HotUKDeals

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