New App For Adults With Learning Disabilities – My Health Guide

my health app for adults with learning disabilities

Two hundred patients from Humber NHS Foundation Trust’s Learning Disability service will be the first in the UK to take part in the trial of the ‘My Health Guide’ app, designed and developed by London-based software firm Maldaba Ltd and inspired by the heartwarming story of “Matthew’s Book”.

“Matthew’s Book” is a mobile-based, multi-media guide that accompanies Hull-based Matthew Prosser wherever he goes. Matthew has profound and complex needs and his book allows carers and healthcare professionals to understand essential aspects of his care and what good practice means for him.

The app, available on both iOS and Android, was commissioned and funded by NHS England and SBRI Healthcare. It enables users to capture video, audio, images and text in a single, user-friendly format and share selected information with carers, guardians and health professionals.

As well as delivering better health outcomes, less confusion and increased confidence for users, the app also allows carers to be more informed and involved and gives health providers integrated, real-time data, better patient communication and the opportunity to develop more effective front line services.

Charlotte Slaney, who has learning disabilities and attends Millers Day Centre in Beverley, is very enthusiastic about the app: “It’s excellent and very easy to use. It gets the thumbs up from me!”

Humber NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive David Hill commented:

It’s vital that we support the independence and aspirations of people who use our services by adopting new digital technologies such as My Health Guide.

Digital technology, including smart phones and tablets, can be used to support our patients and reduce the burden on health services. If we fail to utilise these technologies then we lose our relevance to the lives of our patients.

A short movie about the app, downloadable from iTunes and Google Play Store, can be viewed here. For more information visit and

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