Turn Your Old iPhone Into A CCTV Camera with the Free Manything App

Turn Your Old iPhone Into A CCTV Camera

Manything is a free app that allows users to redeploy their retired or underused Apple devices (eg. an old iPhone4) as a DIY video security (CCTV) system – and thus enjoy their break while keeping an eye on what’s happening in their home, holiday apartment and / or hotel room.

Once the Manything free app is downloaded and connected to a WiFi service, you can immediately begin live steaming video. You can watch the video via the app on your phone or from the web wherever you are.

However, few of us want to spend our holiday stuck to our phones, watching a live steam – so Manything will keep a safe digital eye on your belongings and instantly send users an alert when it detects motion within a room. You can adjust the “Sensitivity Threshold” from the settings menu on the device you’re using as your camera. 1 triggers on small motion and above. 10 will only trigger alerts on large movements.

Manything offers several key advantages over rival apps including:
speed – an extremely wide range of devices can be used. The app is easy to download, allowing live streaming to begin within minutes
flexibility – as the devices aren’t fixed to a physical object (eg. a wall) they can be easily moved from room to room
costs – users don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds buying a new camera. They simply dust off and use an old Apple device lying around their home. Manything offers a competitive pricing structure – including a free service

Turn Your Old iPhone Into A CCTV Camera - Zone Masking

Unfortunately, Manything must remain active on the screen to function, it cannot run in the background. This is ok, but you need to make sure no-one accidentally presses the ‘home’ button on your phone (I’m looking at you kids) otherwise the whole service stops working. I’d suggest getting a wall or suction mount, and placing your phone up well out of the way. Of course while it can run on the phones internal battery, you also want to make sure its in reach if a power socket to run long term.

Over 450,000 people around the world now use Manything – and collectively record more than 12 years of video every day of the year. And the app has been involved in the detection and arrest of a number of burglars – including Arizona and the UK. Its fully released on iOS now, and there is a Beta version for Android currently being tested.

This post was written by Rob Gordon, an IT geek, gadget lover and blogger. Rob has been using the internets since 1994 when the only streaming video was that coffee pot in Cambridge (rip).... Follow Rob on Twitter - @robgordon - about.me/robgordonuk