hearO: A Bluetooth Speaker in a Championship Tennis Ball

hearO A Bluetooth Speaker in a Championship Tennis Ball Featured

hearO have upcycled a Wimbledon championship tennis ball and turned it into into an elegant, great sounding Bluetooth speaker.

For Wimbledon alone, Slazenger supplies over 55,000 balls each year. If you include all four Grand Slam tournaments, that’s 230,000 discarded championship tennis balls.

hearO speakers will be available in three distinct ranges. The Core Collection will feature championship tennis balls from the professional tours. The Championship Series will present balls from the four major tennis tournaments (Wimbledon, US, French and Australian Open).

For the more discerning collector, the hearO Signature Series will offer autographs of tennis legends (including greats like Bjorg, McEnroe, Cash and Billie Jean King) and current elite players (including fan favorites like Federer, Djokovic, Williams and Ivanovic.

hearO A Bluetooth Speaker in a Championship Tennis Ball brown single shot

The range versatility ensures that hearO speakers will be regarded not just as tennis-inspired novelty items, but as conversation pieces. hearO was developed in collaboration with the Innov8 Group, a Paris-based atelier with a vision that technology becomes lifestyle.

The tennis ball serves as a protective skin for hearO’s electronics. The rubber inside the tennis ball absorbs excess vibration and enhances audio clarity. The speaker’s grill pattern is a Fibonacci spiral sequence that enables optimal sound projection without sacrificing strength or appearance. The one- button speaker rests on a charging cradle with a 360-degree magnetic connection. Once fully charged, a mobile hearO can stream wireless audio continuously for up to 5 hours.

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