The Evolution Of Vaping Technology

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Technology is a wonderful thing, as we all know, and it presents us with the opportunity to transform not only certain processes in our lives – but our lives as a whole. When Sir Walter Raleigh brought tobacco back to the United Kingdom from the United States all those years ago, nobody had any idea of just how popular smoking would be become, just like nobody could have predicted the rapid growth of vaping and vaping technology over the course of the last decade.

Like most tech-based innovations, vaping has exploded into the public consciousness and there are now more and more people adopting the modern form of smoking and ditching typical cigarettes. Just like when smoking tobacco captured the imagination of the public, technologies frequently do the same and vaping is no different.

The first modern e-cigarette, as they are commonly known, was developed in China back in 2003 making them more than ten years old. Like most technologies they have had their ups and downs, they’ve had their modifications and adaptations, and some have fallen away faster than they came around.

While there are a lot of people who remain unsure of just what vaping is, whether there are any benefits and how to choose an e-cig, one thing is for certain and that is this technology seems here to stay and we’re probably still in the primitive stages.

The developer of the 2003 electronic cigarette built his device following the death of his father from lung cancer after decades of smoking. He wanted to build the kind of device that would enable people to smoke while reducing the risks to public health, and this idea was based around heated vapours that would replace traditional tobacco smoke.

Each device was fitted with a strong, reliable and rechargeable lithium ion battery that you would find in a number of modern gadgets and devices such as remote controls for televisions and toy cars; and each device would then be connected to a disposable cartridge that contained the ‘vape.’

These liquids – now referred to as e-liquids – would be available in various different tobacco strengths enabling the user to slowly but surely reduce their tobacco intake or to find a taste they could genuinely enjoy and not just consume because of their addiction to nicotine.

The main issue with this early e-cigarette was based around the heating element, known as the atomizer. There have been cases where the element would malfunction causing it to burst into flames or where it would simply stop heating the liquid, rendering the device useless.

Fast-forward to 2017 and a number of international brands have attempted to use the early research for their own benefits, developing solutions to the early issues with more reliable and safe ‘cartomizers’ that took away the risk associated with the heating element; and different designs and sizes have led to a whole new wave of ‘vapers.’

Today you can have an electronic cigarette with a large handheld section that fits comfortably into your palm, or you can have a more traditional style that replicates the look and feel of a cigarette for a more authentic but modern feel.

You can even have a wide range of different flavoured e-liquids, enabling the user to get away from the taste and smell of tobacco, instead opting for more “friendly” tastes and flavours that include mint and fruit.

It remains to be seen just what the next stage in the evolution of vaping technology will be like, but just like smartphones it seems almost certain that there won’t just be a “next stage”, but that the next wave of electronic cigarettes will be far superior to what is available today.

As technologies evolve and trends come and go, just like smartphone developers, the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes will have to keep going back to the drawing board and looking for new, innovative ways to satisfy the demand – as well as the cravings.

This article was written by Oliver Warburton, Director of Ecigwizard.

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